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You Spin Me Round (Like a Cover Song)

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On this day in 1985, Dead Or Alive were kicked off the UK music television show 'The Tube', after admitting they were incapable of playing 'live.  Earlier that year Dead Or Alive had a number one UK and US hit with You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).

There was much controversy surrounding the band's 1984 and '85 tour.  It was widely believed that the concert was entirely mimed; however, parts of the show were live, while others were pre-recorded or mimed. Pete Burns lip synched to a vocal track, the band played the backing track live.  This was like half way to Milli Vanilli.

Here is a good example, of an obviously pre-recorded live performance...

Ah well... It's just pop music.

Today's cover comes from Nicole Eitner's 2007 album VAMPIRES.  I like this version because it reimagines the song, in an almost dance free way.  Cool cover of an almost obnoxious dance pop hit.