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Top of the Top; Best Oscar Winning Sountrack Songs

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Eminem "Lose Yourself" 8Mile OST


- It seemed so unlikely that a white rapper would go so far in such a black dominated style that we should have all seen it coming. Funny thing was that this chronicle of his rise to fame also was his apex... 


Stevie Wonder "I Just Called (to Say I Love You)" The Woman In Red OST


- Perhaps the sappiest of all of his songs, check out the creepy vocoded back-up vocals towards the end.


Berlin "Take My Breath Away" Top Gun OST


- A trip down memory lane for me and Mark on this one, and if my recollection is right this was played on every single radio station in the country in 1983. A pretty cool song actually...(guilty pleasure too)


Bob Dylan "Things Have Changed" Wonder Boys OST


- The great one talkin about how things have changed, but not really for him, he just finally got some propers for what is his stock and trade.


Isaac Hayes "Theme From Shaft" Shaft OST


- A surprising pick from the Academy, they'd never been so funky before that (or since). Right on!