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Abandoned Railroad Conversion Projects

Storified by Tarik Moody · Thu, Nov 15 2012 14:29:18

The Reading Viaduct, PhiladelphiaThe Reading Viaduct was built in the 1890s to carry commuters to the center of Philadelphia. Today it's a wild urban garden filled grasses, perennials, and even the odd magnolia tree. Like the once-wild High Line there are many signs of visitors: trespassers who have left behind old shoes, cigarette butts, and flourishes of graffiti.
The Real High Line Effect -- A Transformational Triumph of Preservation and DesignThe success of New York's High Line -- a stretch of abandoned elevated railroad on New York's West Side that has undergone a Phoenix-like resurrection to become one of the city's most popular destinations -- has generated much conversation about the so-called "High Line effect."
Beintween Recycles Old Car Tires Into 'Matireal' for Permeable Park PathwayBeintween.org is a social + spatial network improv(is)ing spaces that build community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their mission is to make art do work. Over the past 6 months, they've developed an ecological and unprecedented woven geo-textile made from recycled car tires for a proposed linear park named The Artery.
Using Old Tires To Turn An Abandoned Railroad Into A Linear ParkMilwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the most racially segregated cities in the country. In the predominantly African-American area of Harambee, some residents need to go down a steep foot path and then cross six lanes of traffic (sans traffic light) to reach the Riverworks Center retail area, which is a more caucasian and successful middle-class neighborhood.
High Line FoodFriends of the High Line is committed to working with entrepreneurial food partners whose products are good for the people eating the food, good for those who grow it, and good for the land. Food is one of our best connections to community and to the environment, and through it, we aim to connect visitors to one another and the land.
About the Atlanta BeltLinebeltlineatl
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The Bloomingdale Trail reveals Chicago's idea of grand city planningThough it's impossible to mention the Bloomingdale Trail without mentioning New York City's High Line, the Bloomingdale wants to ...
THE BLOOMINGDALE TRAIL - HomeThe official website of Chicago's Bloomingdale Trail project.
New York's New High Line ParkTimeMagazine
With Next Phase Ready, Area Around High Line Is FlourishingA decade ago, so many moneyed interests were united against saving the elevated freight tracks that cut through the West Side of Manhattan that the idea appeared to be doomed. Owners of land and buildings throughout Chelsea wanted the decaying High Line viaduct razed, and the administration of Mayor Rudolph W.