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[UPDATE] Wisconsin ACLU's Youth Social Justice Forum - AUDIO ATTACHED!

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For the third year in a row, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee partnered with the Wisconsin ACLU at its annual Youth Social Justice Forum.  The forum offered a series of workshops to about 300 students, each of them focused on different social issues.

88Nine presented two 90-minute sessions focused on creating public service announcements for radio.  The students broke into groups, identified important issues to their community, and produced their own PSAs.

After much brainstorming, drafting and development, the students each contributed their ideas and voices.  These PSAs were written and recorded solely by the students.

Click below to hear their work.



Stopping Cyber Bullying



Effect of Emotional Abuse



Building Gay/Straight Alliances in Schools



Defining Types of Bullying



Defeating Racial Stereotypes



How To Behave If Stopped By Police



Foreign Policy