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Reggae Shoes Mixtape, and the merits of Mixcloud over Soundcloud

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It's ok. I know you're only clicking this because of the shoes. But maybe you'll stay for the mix...

...which was supposed to be up on Monday, I did promise this. Then things turned against me, Soundcloud suddenly stopped letting me upload mixes. I tried in vain for two days to get the mix up, baffled by going thrugh the process repeatedly only to to have it disappear moments later. Technology. Sometimes the problem is not a problem as much as it's an opportunity to see everything differently. For this week's mix, that means Mixcloud! Similar in look and use, it may be the future of how I get these to you. If you're a DJ and want to share your mixes, definitely check out Mixcloud! Not a DJ? Then you're probly wondering why you even read this, but it's probly because you're grooving to the mix. Hope you enjoy this.