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The funkiest funk that ever funked, Freedom Family

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At 1pm, I played one of the funkiest songs I've ever played on the radio, at any point in my life/career. Maybe this only feels like a bold statement to you, but from my perspective it definitely means something. After all, in my paracosm, funk is like my middle name. Nevermind that it's actually Alexander, and consider the music of Freedom Family. A band composed of Africa's funkiest session musicians of the 70's, a band that honed their craft backing up Geraldo Pino (another legendary axiom of AfroFunk), a band that played six hour sets seven days a week for months on end and a band that sadly, only released one album.

The good thing is that this hard-to-find impossibly rare record titled Ayentsoo, has just been re-released by Academy LP's and is pretty much perfect. In fact, it should be studied in music schools. Fat bass lines, instumental cuts, call-and-response vocals, up-tempo dancefloor burners and soulful slow-burners mingle freely on this album of singular funkiness. Though this album is technically speaking not new, its rarity and recent re-commission made it a good fit for the post-Franti euphoria of the day.