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Bosq of The Whiskey Barons

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What was the incredible Latin tune you heard at noon? The one with the sweet beat that (should have) had you dancing? It was one of the eleven cuts I picked at random from a totally amazing new album from Bosq, one half of the awesome production duo known as Whiskey Barons, titled Bosq y Orquesta Madera that just came out on Ubiquity Records.

As awesome as the release is, it's only par for the course as The Whiskey Barons have been killing it on teverything they've been doing, which has been re-works, edits and remixes for the most part. On Bosq y Orquesta Madera, Bosq eschews samples in favor of live flavors on this release. Most of the cuts have a dancefloor vibe and stay in a afro latin funk/disco mode. I'd say I was waiting all summer for this release except I had no idea it was coming till about two weeks ago. Which makes this album a much needed end of summer surprise and earned an immediate spot on my top ten of 2013. If your a music head and loves you some funk flavor, don't sleep on this crucial release!