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Soul II Sample

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This week on 7 o'clock sample, we are looking back at the music of UK hip-hop dance pioneers SOUL II SOUL.

Founded by Jazzie B in the mid 1980s, SOUL II SOUL was originally a sound system.  As a DJ, party promoter and remix artist, Jazzie and Soul II Soul made a big impact on the UK dance scene.

They pressed a few dub plates, and eventually were signed to Virgin Records. Their first singles in 1988 failed to make the UK Top 40, but the group went on to commercial success in 1989 with the singles "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)", which topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks, and was the fifth best-selling single in the UK that year. 

In 1990, they dropped their 2nd album VOL. II ( A New Decade ), which featured the hit Get A Life.



With the group's roots so deep in DJ culture, it's no surprise that they picked up a few samples along the way.  The breakdown in the middle of this track features some infamous disco hits from Pleasure's 1978 hit "Celebrate the Good Things."