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Rumba Rumba!

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Rumba flamenca is the forecast for the week on Sound Travels as we get at some classic and some contemporary sounds from Spain. The story of the Spanish rumba is a well documented tale of a sound that has gone over and come back, ida y vuelta as they say in Spanish, as the flow of culture is one of constant change and growth. 

And by growth, I also am implying a fusion, and in the case of Spanish Rumba, it's the rhythms of Africans and the possibilities of the "New" World that enabled that fusion that changed the sound of flamenco forever. I played some more classic examples of the genre today, and one from an artist whose African connection is more than skin deep. Buika, whose mix of flamenco and R&B, provides clues to where the genre may be heading next... 

Paco De Lucia "Entre Dos Aguas" El Flamenco Es... Paco De Lucia


Rosa y La Pena "Tamacun" 


Los Reyes "


Buika " En Mi Piel