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Rock En Espanol

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Milwaukee in the summer is an endless festival it seems; from one to the next a stream of music, food and people all over town. Of course that fact is not lost on us here, but sometimes it is easy to forget which one is coming up. I'll tell you, Mexican Fiesta; it starts on Thursday and continues through the weekend. While Henry Maier Festival park is still waiting for the day, I got a batch of Rock from not only Mexico, but all over the Latin world for Sound Travels.

I figure we'll start in South America, take the Trans-American Highway all they way to Mexico, and hit a bunch of spots along the way. So we started in Venezuela, with an American artist who was raised a bit there and now has a penchance for the occasional Spanish language tune. Devendra Banhart is that dude, and on almost all of his albums, there's a Spanish tune. "Carmensita" off of the Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon is also an excellent example of how good he is at it; probly should do an entire album like it too! 

Devendra Banhart "Carmensita" Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon


Played a short cut from Uruguayan rock band Dias De Blues whose self-titled 1975 album is almost Southern rock...just on another continent. Los Bunkers, from Chile also in the set; got to see them perform at this year's Lollapalooza and loved it. Los Beatniks also in the mix with some seriously OG Argentine rock. They were important for their originality in a country that at the time was under some serious repression. Chango weighs in with a Santana-esque tune called "Bollo" from a self-titled release put out by the connoisseurs over at Italy's Akarma Records. Our last stop was with a Puerto Rican band called Davila 666, and yes, they know how to rock the garage. More tomorrow, but here's what I had for you all today...

Dias De Blues "Dame Tu Sonrisa Loco" Dias De Blues


Los Bunkers "Sueno Con Serpientes" Musica Libre


Los Beatniks "Rebelde" "45 Single


Chango "Bollo" Chango


Davila 666 "Basura" Davila 666