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88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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Playlist for 2014-11-23

November 23, 2014
12:39 PM
A Nod Is As Good As a Wink to a Blind Horse
12:31 PM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
12:27 PM
Only Come Out At Night
12:24 PM
Built On Glass
12:19 PM
In The Grace Of Your Love
12:12 PM
It's A Shame About Ray
12:09 PM
RUN- Single
12:07 PM
The Way I See It
12:03 PM
Thsi is All Yours
11:59 AM
Tell 'Em What Your Name Is
11:52 AM
No Cities To Love
11:48 AM
Things I Forgot EP
11:44 AM
The Heat/ Lucky I Got What I Want- Single
11:29 AM
Harlequin Dream
11:23 AM
Sky Blue Sky
11:20 AM
They Want My Soul
11:15 AM
Around The World In A Day
11:11 AM
On Your Side- EP
11:04 AM
10:57 AM
With Your Two Hands- Single
10:50 AM
Money- Single
10:45 AM
Moonrise Nation
10:41 AM
Turn On the Bright Lights
10:33 AM
10:31 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
10:26 AM
Bright Kind
10:22 AM
Shake! Shake! Shake!
10:14 AM
Jump Hi- Single
10:04 AM
In Our Nature
10:00 AM
09:51 AM
Don't Disconnect
09:44 AM
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell
09:38 AM
The King Of Limbs
09:35 AM
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun
09:28 AM
Bassically- Single
09:18 AM
Hard Believer
09:09 AM
In the Making
09:02 AM
Work It Out- Single
08:58 AM
Curtains- Single
08:53 AM
Sylvan Esso
08:35 AM
Super Black Market Clash
08:34 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
08:26 AM
Becoming A Jackal (Single)
08:23 AM
08:18 AM
No Bad Days
08:11 AM
Timez Are Weird Theses Days
08:00 AM
Dream Cave
07:55 AM
07:47 AM
Alarms in the Heart
07:44 AM
Stone Rollin'
07:37 AM
Mars Audiac Quintet
07:30 AM
If You Wait
07:27 AM
When I Was Younger
07:18 AM
They Want My Soul
07:11 AM
Starting to Think (They Might be on to Something)- Single
06:58 AM
Mechanical Bull
06:49 AM
06:46 AM
Ryan Adams
06:43 AM
The Joshua Tree
06:34 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
06:30 AM
06:26 AM
What A Terrible World, What A Beatuiful World
06:22 AM
Such Great Heights - EP
06:17 AM
Close To The Glass
06:13 AM
06:06 AM
05:44 AM
Lost In the Dream
05:42 AM
Kill Ya- Single
05:39 AM
Dirty Water: The Birth of Punk Attitude
05:36 AM
Waves- Single
05:32 AM
The Sky It Moves
05:29 AM
White Lies - Single
05:24 AM
Get Behind Me Satan
05:20 AM
Built On Glass
05:17 AM
When It Was Now
05:13 AM
Run River North
05:10 AM
Battle for the Sun
05:06 AM
04:56 AM
In The Silence
04:54 AM
Ray Charles
04:42 AM
Hey Hey
04:35 AM
Switch Tape-EP
04:32 AM
Did You Hear the Rain- EP
04:30 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
04:26 AM
Don't Let Your memories Kill You
04:23 AM
Is This It
04:19 AM
Thsi is All Yours
04:16 AM
Wonderful Things- EP
04:07 AM
Art Official Age
04:03 AM
Wincing The Night Away
03:59 AM
They Want My Soul
03:55 AM
G. Love & Special Sauce
03:49 AM
Worship The Sun
03:46 AM
And The War Came
03:42 AM
The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg
03:34 AM
Bring It On
03:30 AM
Young Americans
03:27 AM
Wonder Where We Land
03:14 AM
Moonrise Nation
02:57 AM
Lift Your Spirit
02:54 AM
Little May- EP
02:50 AM
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell
02:46 AM
Absolute Garbage
02:37 AM
Turn Blue
02:36 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
02:29 AM
Hard Believer
02:25 AM
Franz Ferdinand
02:21 AM
Hustler- EP
02:18 AM
Paranoia- Single
02:12 AM
Freedom of Choice
02:08 AM
02:04 AM
01:55 AM
01:52 AM
Blue Film
01:43 AM
Seeking a Friend for The End of the World
01:40 AM
Work It Out- Single
01:35 AM
01:32 AM
Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future- Single
01:29 AM
Good Old Days- Single
01:25 AM
Midnite Vultures
01:22 AM
01:14 AM
Be Impressive
01:06 AM
12:58 AM
Fragmented World
12:54 AM
Sunrise Ep
12:50 AM
What A Terrible World, What A Beatuiful World
12:43 AM
Ex's and Oh's- Single
12:38 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
12:34 AM
Miss You Now- Single
12:30 AM
Mind Over Matter
12:14 AM
12:11 AM
The Glorious Dead
12:07 AM
They Want My Soul