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88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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Playlist for 2014-12-29

December 29, 2014
08:33 AM
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
08:21 AM
Never Get Close-Single
08:11 AM
You and Your Lion
08:00 AM
Tied to a Star
07:57 AM
Switch Tape-EP
07:51 AM
07:47 AM
What A Terrible World, What A Beatuiful World
07:36 AM
On Your Side- EP
07:33 AM
I And Love And You
07:30 AM
RUN- Single
07:25 AM
And The War Came
07:17 AM
Paranoia- Single
07:13 AM
Let 'em Say- Single
07:09 AM
Waves- Single
07:01 AM
Wounded Rhymes
06:53 AM
Long Way Down- EP
06:50 AM
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
06:45 AM
Fade Out Lines- Single
06:42 AM
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell
06:40 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
06:35 AM
Aha Shake Heartbreak
06:23 AM
Everything Will Be Alright In The End
06:19 AM
05:56 AM
The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg
05:27 AM
Central Reservation
05:20 AM
No Bad Days
05:12 AM
Bassically- Single
05:08 AM
05:01 AM
Strangers To Ourselves
04:57 AM
Hey Hey
04:53 AM
Little May- EP
04:51 AM
Los Angeles
04:44 AM
Wonderful Things- EP
04:42 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
04:35 AM
Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance
04:31 AM
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
04:28 AM
Curtains- Single
04:18 AM
04:15 AM
Run River North
04:07 AM
Definitely Maybe
04:04 AM
Ex's and Oh's- Single
03:59 AM
Franz Ferdinand
03:55 AM
03:52 AM
Jump Hi- Single
03:49 AM
Alarms in the Heart
03:43 AM
Fleet Foxes
03:40 AM
Ryan Adams
03:36 AM
Don't Disconnect
03:33 AM
Crooked Faith- Single
03:29 AM
Harlequin Dream
03:26 AM
Kill The Moonlight
03:23 AM
Things I Forgot EP
03:09 AM
Remnants- EP
03:05 AM
The Boy With No Name
03:01 AM
Lost In the Dream
02:58 AM
Busy Earnin'- Single
02:55 AM
Bad Things- Single
02:52 AM
Mean Love
02:40 AM
Indie Cindy
02:36 AM
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
02:34 AM
Community S tories Holiday 2014
02:26 AM
Oracular Spectacular
02:09 AM
Showstopper- Single
02:00 AM
Fashion Nugget
01:54 AM
Wonder Where We Land
01:51 AM
When I Was Younger
01:47 AM
The Information
01:36 AM
XO- Single
01:32 AM
What A Terrible World, What A Beatuiful World
01:20 AM
On Your Side- EP
01:16 AM
Love and Rockets
01:10 AM
Head Up High
01:06 AM
Music For The Morning After
01:02 AM
And The War Came
12:47 AM
Bahamas is Alfie
12:44 AM
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You
12:37 AM
Everything At Once- Single
12:35 AM
Community Stories Holiday 2014
12:32 AM
Chutes Too Narrow
12:29 AM
No Bad Days
12:25 AM
Take Them On, On Your Own
12:23 AM
Kill Ya- Single
12:17 AM
Tell Me A Tale EP
12:11 AM
Into the Wide
12:07 AM
Maximize Your Faith