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There are at least two bands/artists named "Zhivago": 1) An indie/pop /rock band from around Zürich, Basel, Switzerland. Some of the band members are former members of Supernova, Tresor d'Or, Shruti Tribe. Line-up: Philippe Laffer: voc, synth Dominik Huber: git, voc, synth Florian Gremlich: git, synth, piano Josef Steiner: bass, git Felix Gremlich: drums, percussion 2) Zhivago is a 27 year old American Electro-Pop musician stationed in Milwaukee, WI. Born in Algiers, to French and American parents, Zhivago spent portions of his upbringing in the deserts of the American Southwest, cultivating his musical tastes through the “Technomad” scene of nomadic desert party-goers. He spent his formidable years studying Systems Theory and Self Regulating Systems at university, and began applying the concepts of self-correction-through-feedback to his musical compositions, attempting to create a piece of work that would perfect itself over time through repetition.His work was cut short, however, after flying to attend the funeral of his best friend and former lover, Zhivago was seriously injured in an emergency water-landing of a single engine Cessna aircraft. He suffered serious trauma to both his neck and back, and broke his wrist in several places. Bedridden and unable to play guitar or piano for several months following, Zhivago searched for different avenues to express his grief, and began to drink and veraciously read Soviet Russian literature from authors such as Maxim Gorky, Solzhenitsyn, and Pasternak. He found in them a particular refreshing view of the secrets to the human heart and conscience that he had come across no where else in his life and travels. The temperament and attitudes of the authors were a perfect match for the cold climate of his heart, and in them lay the key to its thaw. Zhivago means, The Living. After his recovery Zhivago threw himself completely and full-time into the ephemeral art of story telling through music, striving to match and give back to the world what he had received, not only from the musical desert parties of the southwest or the pages of Pasternak, but in the heartbreak and triumph of lost Love. Influences: Ratatat, Tobacco, Leonard Cohen, Flying Lotus, m83, Air, Timbaland, Death From Above 1979, Bjork, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beck, Big Boi, Interpol, Mark Knopfler. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Everything At Once

Everything At Once- Single
Last Played on February 10, 2015 2:23pm