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Tiombe Lockhart

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In the age of madness, Tiombe Lockhart & Her Army of Love will emerge from the dark underworld, and free the universe from the cold iron grip of bad music. Young, willing, and always able Tiombe Lockhart was born in the magnificent southwest region of Atlanta, Georgia, misbehaved in Los Angeles for a stint, and began her New York is a bad man you cant get enough of love affair with the big apple. Tiombe began recruiting her Army of Love at the New School University, masterminding her production and writing skills. She thus planted the first seeds of The Tiombe Lockhart Bootleg #1. Many moons after receiving her BFA, Tiombe sailed her mighty fleet of warships west to Detroit. It was in this seedy dock that Tiombe Lockhart and Her Army of Love joined forces with the Platinum Pied Pirates. Together they sailed the seven seas, terrorizing every port from Berlin to San Francisco to the motherfunkin moon. The Pirate King Waajeed, (a.k.a the swashbuckler of funk), decided that the world needed to experience Tiombe Lockhart & Her Army of Love, in a real bad way. They decided to sail under the flag of Bling 47. Tiombe Lockhart & Her Army of love is epic, ridiculous, dark, dangerous, and deadly. So take your children out to the parking lot, cause Tiombes about to have a whole lot of sex with your earlobes

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