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Multiple bands have used the name ‘The Mothers’ 1. The Mothers (also known as The Soul Giants, Mothers, The Muthers, The Mothers, The Grandmothers, The Grande Mothers Re:Invented, The Mothers of Invention) was an American band active from 1964 to 1975. They mainly performed works by and were the original recording group of composer and guitarist Frank Zappa, although other members have an occasional writing credit. Frank Zappa joined the R&B group the Soul Giants in 1964. The band is said to have briefly adopted the name “The Mothers”. Credited as “The Mothers”, Zappa and the group recorded two acclaimed live albums, “Fillmore East - June 1971” and “Just Another Band From L.A.”. By the time they signed to Verve Records they had amended the name to the more familiar “The Mothers of Invention”. Learn more about them under The Mothers of Invention. 2. The Mothers were a late 80s punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They released one single in 1987 on Waterfront Records with an original A-Side titled “Drives Me Wild” and a cover of Link Wray’s “Get Outta My Life” on the B-Side. They are most known for launching the solo career of Fiona Horne— solo recording artist, and prominent figure in the Wiccan/Pegan modern witch movement. The Mothers were mostly a girl group, though there were multiple line-up changes, all of which included at least one male member. With a sound that fits well alongside female fronted punk bands like the Bay area’s Avengers, or later female vocal acts like Seattle’s Fastbacks or Sweden’s Sahara Hotnights. They may be enjoyed by Joan Jett fans, though they have a more raw, low-fi sound. The “Drives Me Wild” single was critically well received, and put into heavy rotation on many state-side college radio stations of the day, including WNYU, New York. But without tour support, the band never broke in the U.S. market and eventually split up. In the 90s, Fiona Horne had some commercial success fronting the Australian industrial-dance-rock band Def FX, before pursuing her solo career. She also appeared as the November 1998 centerfold of Australian Playboy. 3. From Kedzierzyn- Kozle. Catchy chorus, riffs that go back in time and meet the Brit band Elastica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, indie pop rock melodies and a huge crash for rock and pop music coming from Britain, led these guys into making music and into the sound they have today. Vojtek (drums), Jacob (bass), Arthur (guitar) and audience beloved Bart (vocals) are one of Poland’s most interesting emerging bands, and one to keep an eye on. Listen to their track and you’ll know why. Special note: The band’s name should be taken as homage to their mothers. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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