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There are at least four bands called The Lovers: a French Duo from Sheffield (UK), a Swedish Indie-rock band ,a Slovakian rockband and a German Garage Band. -------- The Lovers are a Sheffield-based Gainsbourg-and-Bardot-esque French pop duo. From torch songs to comedy via techno, trash pastiche and all points in between, Marion Benoist and Fred de Fred have created something strange and rather wonderful. Massaging your ears with their cheeky bossa-nova grooves and sultry Gainsbourg-and-Bardot-esque vocals are  French duo The Lovers. Their music has attracted a rapidly growing audience, reaching from the duo's adopted home of Sheffield to all over the UK, France,  The Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.Their recordings have graced TV adverts and art installations and are even being used as  a grammatical teaching tool by Linguascope and the French Board of Education. Cheeky and lustful tete a tete, amusing, romantic and at times achingly sexual. If ever there was music that was created to inspire a feeling of romance, paired with a sparkle of lust, then this is surely it. Fred and Marion have had some stunning experiences so far,  some strange, all of them intriguing - from smuggling to bunny girls, Rochin Murphy (Moloko) to Jarvis Cocker. If debut album  The Lovers got the press hot under the collar -NME described it as “A record so seedy it would make Serge Gainsbourg blush”, just put it down to British reserve.  As playful as a swingers party at Salvador Dali’s house, it was also, as Mojo pointed out, packed with “peculiar pop songs with an electronic twist.”  Anyway, to Pardon My French.  Here, The Lovers are back where they love to be -  back in the speakers, recounting their sensual adventures. The tunes are bigger, the lyrics even more risqué (‘John (With The Magic Corkscrew)’), their wine-fuelled  bid for  entente-cordiale more forcused. When they’re cheeky  (Friends”, “Chickaboom” ) they’re irresistible. When they’re steamy, (“Reverie De Lolita”, “Striptease For Beginners”) you’ll be wondering why all pop isn’t this smart and sassy.  Don't believe us ?  Pour yourself a glass and move purposefully towards the cd player. Don't be nervous-  Fred and Marion are expecting you. Love & Wine ! The Lovers 2nd album "Pardon My French" produced in Austin Texas by Grammy Award Gabe Rhodes (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Willie Nelson,  Kimmie Rhodes, Billy Joe Shaver etc .. ) More information at: WWW.VOILATHELOVERS.COM and WWW.MYSPACE.COM/VOILATHELOVERS THEIR NEW ALBUM "PARDON MY FRENCH" IS OUT NOW ON THEIR VERY OWN "VOILA RECORDS", AS A COLLECTOR LIMITED EDITION (1000 COPIES ONLY), with a peelable sticker carefully applied by the respectable Ladies of the Manchester Factory ! PRICE : £ 7.99 + postage AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON : WWW.VOILATHELOVERS.COM AND ON ITUNES !!!! PRESS SAMPLES (UKFRANCE//US/JAPAN)  "The Lovers' Music on the midnight air from United Kingdom. Their music, video, fashion... is so coooooooool! and erotic & kawaii! :) " 100% KAWAI (JAPAN) " "Pardon My French" contains the kind of big production pop nobody is supposed to make anymore. I think it could be my favourite album of the year."  EXPLETIVE UNDELETED (Sean Smith)  " Ils sont irresistibles" LONDON O MADAME "Tres magnifique." 
TIME OUT "A record so seedy it would make Serge Gainsbourg blush, & Anais Nin join a convent." 
NME "The set climaxes with Fred de Fred dropping to his knees, sliding between singer Marion's pins and convulsing with his guitar like a human sex toy."

 "The Lovers do poignant as well as puerile. (...) They make you reach for the cravat and velvet smoking jacket." 

"The Lovers make crinkly winkly music to twist your hips to. (...) They occupy a world where girls dress like presents and boys dress like men." 

"Kitsch cocktail music, criss-crossed with bossanova rhythms and electronica all combine to seduce."

"Lines such as "Come drink my wine/If all that has passed your innocent lips is juice and tea and water" reminds us of Cocker's dry humour and deadpan lasciviousness."
 THE INDEPENDENT "Peculiar little Pop songs with an electronic twist. A slow beat with a female and male vocal combination. Makes for a quirky affair that’s very engaging indeed." 

 "This month’s must have tunes...Gallic charm + Sheffield steel = peachy electro-pop."
MIX MAG "Un régal !"
 20 MINUTES "Les jeux amoureux des Lovers, duo forme par Marion Benoist et Fred de Fred, erotisent leurs chansons pop avec une fraicheur ludique et mutine plus croisee en France depuis les comptines d’Elli & Jacno." 
LE MONDE (Stephane Davet) "Deux français exilés à Sheffield inventent le cabaret electronique sexy et plein d’humour Frenchy."
 LES INROCKUPTIBLES / HORS SERIE / POP EN FRANCE (Pascal Bertin) "Ce duo inattendu donne un bon coup de fraicheur a la production francaise."
 PARIS PANAME "Lovers' lovemaking session(...) Quelle Franglais !"
 COOL HUNTING, US "Perky pop, kitsch, quirk, and sex with sense of humor (...) Take a listen !" 
WHY TRAVEL TO FRANCE, US SEE THE LOVERS ON THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL : http://www.youtube.com/voilathelovers ----- The Lovers (DE) Formed in Winter 2007 and playing together since April 2008. Toby and Flori started the band cause theres no exciting band in berlin(except for the fuzztones maybe).... They found their guitar player johnny while he was hangin around and asking people for beer money... Flori met their organ player Ari while they were both ditching school...and their drummer is an old friend of them. The Lovers members come from a quite diverse musical background (punk, garage, 60s, surf, electro) but their main influence is good old 60s garage sound..... They are planning on bringing out their first single later this year....like in december or something! www.myspace.com/1234thelovers -- Formed in the autumn of 2006, The Lovers (formely The Stereotypes) are the brainchild of singer/guitarist Leo Zethraues and basist Mattias Dzieciniak. The two met during and outdoor drinking event during that same summer and joked around about creating a band, wich eventually came to pass. The first member to join the band was David Smidelik who was only prescent for a single rehersal before moving on to metal project "Touch of Taint". The basist came close to dying by almost falling out of a window during this rehersal. The band has since then been joined by Marcus (last name unknown)and reherses at a undisclosed location. Rumuors are that the band sounds a bit like a fusion of Joy Division and The White Stripes. First release is expected in late spring of '07. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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