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Eyedea & Abilities are an American duo. Eyedea (real name: Micheal Larsen Born on November 9, 1982 – October 17, 2010) who also performs under the name Oliver Hart became widely known because of his battle and freestyle skills. Eyedea is best known for his victory at the Blaze Battle, which was aired on HBO, showing some of the best underground battlers in action. Eyedea originally toured with Slug, aka Sean Daley, and other people from Rhymesayers, a Minneapolis hip hop collective. He made the jump from a battle emcee with the release of his first album First Born by joining forces with DJ Abilities. DJ Abilities is known for winning three DMC awards and for his work on his mixtapes and 1200 Hobos. In 2004, Eyedea and Abilities released E&A, which returned Eyedea back to his battle rapper roots.

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