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BIO : Eggshell is a Metal band formed in 2007 in Paris, France. The band's music is difficult to qualify in only one word : Alternative Metal? Open Death Metal? Modern Metal? Oppressing and melodic Metal with some acoustic songs? You got it, we play it and we don't even know! A thing is sure : Eggshell's music definitly comes from powerful emotions. Listen to our music with your own sensitivity, enter in it, illustrate it with your feelings and call it as you feel it, this is your part of the job ;-) DISCO : 2007 Rebirth (EP) - CD, 4 tracks, 20:00 2010 : Passengers (Debut full length album) - CD, 10 tracks, 54:30 - Spasm records 01.Enter 02. The day after 03.Ghosts of regrets 04.Flying over 05.Song from ashes 06.Manufactured memories 07.Hour hand's passengers 08.Flying forever 09.The way 10.Sandglass

Tracks We Played

The Best Of Me

Life Is What You Take It

Beautiful Heartbreak

Life Is What You Take It