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"I Got the name ARAAB was back in 02…My nigga had gave me that name ‘cause I didn’t have an alias or nothing like that nam sayin so I ran with it. In 05 I added the MUZIK ‘cause that's what you're listening to when you hear my muzik Araab Muzik" "My influences growing up were pretty much based on the producers. I didn't really listen to the artist ‘cause that wasn't my thing. If the beat caught my attention then I would like the song nam sayin. The beat is pretty much what everyone listens to first then the artist." "The way i got connected with the DIPS was by sendin’ Duke Da God beats to his email which was in Oct 06. I had left my contact info to see if he'll get back at me and he did. The following week I met up with Duke and we vibed, and it was a wrap from there nam sayin." "The tools I use to make all the madness is the MPC 2500 LE ( which they only made 500 in the world ). The triton extreme and the Fantom G7" User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

Tracks We Played


Electronic Dream