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“The way that I make is my own, but I know what I’m in for,” sings Tim Warren, front man and co-founder of The Alternate Routes. Whatever fate has in store for this promising young band, it’s sure to make for a good story…and an even better song. Since 2002, The Alternate Routes have never been afraid to roll the dice during their brief and turbulent journey, always relying upon their heartfelt brand of music to pull them through the ups and downs that come with the territory. It’s a trait evident in their powerful Vanguard Records debut, Good and Reckless and True, a memorable, incredibly confident opening statement from a band that takes nothing for granted. Warren recalls the initial meeting with his future songwriting partner/lead-guitarist, Eric Donnelly, between classes at Connecticut’s Fairfield University. “Eric and I appreciated the same things about music,” Warren says. "When we started out, we didn't really fit in anywhere. We played everywhere we could, at bars, clubs, coffee shops …but we always believed in what we were doing. We believed our music was important and we’ve never lost that feeling.” The duo’s path crossed with that of bassist Chip Johnson during a brief residency in the Boston area. He was a skinny, mild-mannered presence—a kid who could pick up any instrument and make it his own. “I always say that Tim and I had the songs, but we didn’t have a band until we met Chip,” says Donnelly. The months following Johnson’s arrival were important ones, the trio hung onto their music, their ideals, refining their sound and never lost focus. They turned each humbling moment into a lesson, each gig into a learning experience and established the all-or-nothing attitude that has come to define them. The band is currently based out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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Good And Reckless And True