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There are at least 14 bands by this name. 1) Late 90's from Spain, their lyrics often contains fantasy and mythology. 2) Mid 90's Black Metal project of the members of Swedish outfit Hypocrisy. They released two albums: "The Other Side" (1994) and "Summon The Beast" (1996). The correct tag is The Abyss. 3) A French Band formed in 2005 in France, signed to Realize Records (Korea) in Busan Korea , who released the Against the Sea E.P. in 2009 LINK: http://www.myspace.com/abyssfr Album page: Realize Records Sampler (VOL 1) Label page: Realize Records (Korea) In their own words, Abyss, founded in 2005, evolves in a universe of Death Metal tinged with Thrash and Progressive Metal. Based on the aquatic universe, the band tries to explore the mysteries of the ocean through music. Through the times, the ocean has been the cradle of myths, legends, fascinations and fears. Still today, the depths of the underwater remain the only unexplored parts of the world sheltering a fauna and a flora both strange and unique. [img]http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/45999559/Abyss banner_1.gif[/img] 4) A Japanese band from the early 90's. They were formed in Tokyo in 1991 and released two demo tapes, both 1993, "The Second Birth" and "The Depth of Forest" 5) Russian / band from the mid 1990's. They released two albums: "About the abyss" (1994) and "Deliverance to the angels from planet of animals" (1995). 6) Abyss was a band from Germany, active in the early to mid 1990's. They shared the stage with bands like Acme, Systral, Age, etc. They released a Self-Titled 7" and a split double 7" with the American band Iconoclast. 7) Italian / project. They released three albums: "Humble Yourself" (demo, 2003), "Consecration Of Emptiness" (2004), "Abyss / Black Autumn Split" (2005). 8) A producer from 2006. His most successful track is called "Mind Games". 9) Poet/musician who is based in the Atlanta area. He has been on Def Poetry Jams and tours all over American spreading his word. 10) An Amiga group that was formed in 1992, releasing various demos and music disks. 11) An female group formed in Czerwonak near Poznań, Poland. 12) Rock group from Croatia, sound like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden... 13) Industrial/Ambient band from Bolivia. 14) A young rapper/producer from South Minneapolis. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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