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Esh: Making Music and Burning Down the House.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about Beyonce’s VMA performance and it’s been interesting seeing our collective unconscious surface due to this expression of the Jungian animus / anima archetype. But as profound as the performance of our modern day booty shaking goddesses was,  I’m tempted here to go on a screed about how nobody paid attention when Daft Punk finally broke down the human/robot barrier during their famous 2007 Alive concert encore when they performed “Together” in front of the words ‘HUMAN TOGETHER’ in big letters! 

Milwaukee Film Festival Announces Films For Cream City Cinema

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  • Hamlet ADD
    Hamlet ADD

Today, Milwaukee Film announced the films for the Milwaukee-centric series, Cream City Cinema. There will be four feature flims screened including the popular and future cult classic Hamlet ADD, and one documentary about a haunted house and a passionate entrepreneur called Psycopath. In addition to the feature films, the short film showcase for filmmakers 18 and under, The Milwaukee Youth Show, will return for a third year. Plus, the very popular short-film showcase, The Milwaukee Show, will be back for two installments during the Milwaukee Film Festival.


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