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The Neon Bible of Samples

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This week on Seven o'clock Sample we are exploring the many ways that Rap samples Rock.  I made a joke on Tuesday about Aerosmith and Run DMC's collaboration on "Walk This Way".  While it seem almost cheesy today, that song broke down a lot of musical barriers and opened the door for future Rock and Rap crossover.

This formula has gone wrong many times over the years.  ( Two Words : LIMP BIZKIT )  However, the producers of Hip Hop have found some very creative ways to sample classic, and contemporary Rock.  I thought this week we'd look at a band that I don't usually associate with Hip Hop; Arcade Fire.

Their 2007 release Neon Bible was a smashing success for the band and had some great tracks, including this one...



As a hobbyist beat maker, I do not think to myself, "Oh let's sample this and make a rap beat!"  But apparently Seattle producer Ryan Lewis thought it was a good idea when he teamed up with MC Macklemore on the song "Kings."