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Toro Y Moi Gives Billy Holiday a New Sound

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Toro Y Moi brings Billie Holiday to the club with a remix of "My Man." This bass-heavy, electro-track is a far departure from the original, stripping it of any of that dreamy, summer loving, nostalgic feel, which, in my opinion are the sounds that makes Billie Holiday great. It seems that a tribute to Ms. Holiday might highlight her powerful voice, but this modern mix relies on equipment to do the work that she did much better herself. Nevertheless the song is undeniably fun--no doubt it will make you want to dance. 

"My Man" is part of a collection from a new Verve Records album Verve Remixed: The First Ladies. The album, which features contemporary DJs and producers like Azari & III's, Maya Jane Coles and Flume, pays tribute to our favorite women of jazz. It will be released on July 16. Despite my resistence to this particular rendition of "My Man," (which you can blame on my old soul), I highly recommend listening to this album.