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Streaming Help

Streaming FAQ

You can stream 88.9FM via the web player or via your media player using this link. The web player works best with the latest version of Chrome and Safari. Please use Internet Explorer 10 for the player.  Versions 8 and earlier will have some problems.  Firefox also has problems with the player.

You can also open this link directly into iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media player:


What is a Live Webcast?

A live Webcast or Stream is very similar to a live broadcast on your TV. The only difference being that a live Webcast is broadcasted over the Internet. To play a live broadcast you will need to make sure that your computer is configured properly to view the online media.

How do I view a live Webcast?

You will need to download and install the appropriate Windows Media, iTunes ShoutCast, Quicktime player.  Click Here for more information.

I do not  hear any sound, what might be the problem?

1. Make sure that you have the most current version of the apropriate Media player installed. 
2. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet or your local network.
3. If it is a Live Webcast, make sure that it has started.
4. Are you behind a firewall? If so, please reference the next question.

I think that I am behind a firewall. What is that? And, how could that affect me?

A firewall is used to block unwanted traffic from your network and/or computer. Check with your Network Administrator or ISP to make sure that they have your firewall configured to allow streaming media content to be viewed. Tell them that you need port 80 open and if possible UDP ports 4040 and 7007.

The media player is installed. I do not have firewall issues, but still do not see the stream.

If you have previously connected to the stream but are currently experiencing problems, try clearing your History and Cache in your browser.

How do I choose my connection speed?

The following chart can help you determine your correct connection speed.

· 28k Dial-Up connection - Choose the 28k connection or Low Multibitrate stream

· 56k Dial-Up Connection - Choose the 56k connection or Low Multibitrate stream

· DSL - Choose 300k connection or high Multibitrate stream if available

· Cable - Choose 300k connection or high Multibitrate stream if available

· T-1, T-3, DS-3, OC-3, - Choose the highest connection available

Go here to test your connection speed

The player is buffering a lot. What does this mean? Why does it happen?

1. Buffering means that your computer is trying to connect or reconnect to the online media. Like your TV, sometimes you lose reception or connectivity to your show. This is usually a local problem; try re-connecting to the stream in a minute or two.

2. Buffering can also be caused by heavy traffic on your local network or ISP. At different times during the day the Internet can become bogged down and slow. Check with your local ISP if you suspect problems.

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