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Video Tuesday: Sister Spirit Love Mother Power

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Today's exploration is all about my feminine side, not that there is any strict definition of femininity for me to form, but there is some music (and videos of course) by female artists that I am into who, by virtue of their own words and vibrations influence my subtle nuance and shake me into my dance.


First up is a revisit of last week's entry on Jahcoozi. Fronted by the self proclaimed "Black Barbie" MC Sasha Perera could easily pass for MIA with her smart South Asian looks and English accented delivery, as well in raw potency-- read 'Shakti' on the mic. Her delivery on the mic is smoother to my ear however, and without sacrificing one iota of crowd controlling capabitlity, and dropping big, bass-heavy trunk-thumpers. Check it out...


Then there is Rye Rye, a young sister out of the Baltimore area who has somehow hooked up with prime time producers Diplo (MIA's boyfriend/producer) and Blaqstarr, and that qualifies her as MIA's protege. Well that and steez all her own; delicious gutter breaks and swampy beats, but you can judge for yourself here with DJ Blaqstarr, she has the energy, the dance and of course enough savoir-faire to do it right...



And last but not the least of this spot today is The Goddess Alchemy Project out of Oakland, California. Who is The Goddess Alchemy Project? Well in their own words they are, "bringing forth a timeless science through a live, lyrical experience of “more than one sista on the mic at a time”… this crew gives voice to the potent medicine of Goddess Alchemy rising. Empowering the revolution from within, these creatresses synergize their individual skills to weave together an evolutionary, artistic collective grounded in the ancient ways of women’s wisdom. In collaboration with many artists and producers, Goddess Alchemy’s sound alchemizes a fresh, feminine flavor by integrating elements of underground hip hop, world accents, spoken word flows, and soulful melodics. Combine this with ancient texts, quantum physics, ancestral roots, multi-dimensional symbology, and an all-female cipher… the result to this equation is a new, musical science they call “Open Source Soul Floetics”. Utilizing multi-media as they’re tool of mass creation, The Goddess Alchemy Project fuses music, visual art, spoken word poetry, dance, their al.KEM.y Designs clothing company, and community outreach to bring sacred intention to the forefront of artistic momentum." ummm...exactly.


Though this video doesn't have great quality, their MySpace page has some great songs too, check it out. Speaking of The Goddess Alchemy Project, you goddesses can get in touch with your own inner alchemy by participating in a dance class happening here in town designed for doing just that. Dance...I should say spirit in motion...these classes could change your life or at least get you into a lather. The teacher is Michelle Hatfield, co-founder of MichELLEN, a dance collaboration of teachers working the spiritual side of movement and dance...you inner alchemy indeed. Not only that, but the Goddess Alchemy Project is exactly the type of music you'll hear at the MichELLEN workshop in the first flier. Here is the info...



Guru Amrit