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Video Tuesday: Luckyiam

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Happy new year. I hope your night was as full of funk and fine friends, music and mixed drinks and good cheer and all that stuff. But if you're like me that was yesterday, and today's been too early and too long already, as if the headache is there just to remind me that staying out late is the price to play.

Speaking of dues, I just wanted to post a couple of videos for an artist new to the airwaves at 88Nine, Luckyiam. Fans of Living Legends as well as more obscure acts like The Mystik Journeymen with Sunspot Jonz or The Heavyweights Freestyle Fellowship may know already what I'm about to say...this cat has some skills to go with his new album Most Likely To Succeed.


Then there is the video for his latest single showcasing that wit and lyricism for his first single "Best I Can"...


and some freestyles ...


even a live interview...



Guru Amrit