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Thursday's Top 5...Fresh Start: New Beginnings

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imagesThis Thursday, Scott Mullins and I were all about the question on which artists had gotten away from what they were good at, and needed to get back to where they came from to get good again. We're talking about bands or artists who needed a fresh start in the second part of their careers; in some cases when they were still together(or alive), and for the sake of mercy we had a no one-hit-wonder rule to keep the choices within a range. What we came up with was an interesting list of artists which though not definitive, is interesting nevertheless. I knew that Scott would have a list that would be a bit old scool, it's his pocket; so I chose my set with that in mind. Check it here and if you like it, the iMix is also available if the songs we picked are what you want...

5. The Raspberries (Scott) "Tonight"

The Fugees "Ready Or Not (Clark Kent/Django Mix)"

4. Alex Chilton (Scott) "Thing For You"

Michael Jackson "I Can't Help It"

3. Johnnie Taylor (Scott) "Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone"

Nas "The World Is Yours"

2. Funkadelic (Scott) "I'll Bet You"

Prince "Soft And Wet"

1. Todd Rundgren (Scott) "I Saw The Light"

Rick James "Give It To Me Baby"