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Yours Technically, DragonTape Puts A Visual Twist On The Mixtape

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If you are my age or older, you probably remember creating a mixtapes on a cassette tapes. The process was time-consuming, but the final product was something really special. You had to listen to every song that was recorded on the  tape. Fast forward to the 21st century, and creating a mixtape is basically takes minutes.  All the art of making a mixtape has all but vanished. 

A new site by the name of DragonTape aims to bring some of that creativity back to making mixtapes.  DragonTape takes a visual approach to making mixtapes by allowing a user to incorporate online videos online videos into a web-base editor. DragonTape allows you to create a 3 hour long mixtape (a good mixtape should be no longer than a hour, but that is just me). You can trim and add fades to the videos you add to your mixtape. You can be very creative with the video editor, which can be time-consuming just like making an old-fashion mixtape. Of course, you can be lazy and just slap something together, but what fun is that.  Currently, DragonTape only allows Youtube Videos and Soundcloud songs to imported into the editor. According to the website, they will be adding more online video services.  

There is also a social and collabortive aspect to DragonTape.  Once you create your mixtape, you can allow your friends or anyone to add on to your mixtape.  You can also embed your mixtapes on blogs, websites and even on your Facebook profile.  For those who are lazy or don't have time to put into making a quality mixtape, you can let Twitter do all the work for you with DragonTape's Twitter feed integration feature. All you do is add a twitter name(s) to your tape and DragonTape goes finds video link that the twitter user has posted an voila - you have a new mixtape. 

In addition to the web-based editor, DragonTape is available as an app for the iPhone and iPad. The app not only allows you to listen and watch mixtapes, but create tapes on the fly.  DragonTape has even created branded apps for blogs, artists, and brands.  You can check them out their app channel page. Currenlty, DragonTape is holding a competition to award some their own branded app, which can be download in the iTunes app store. You can find detail on the competion on their Facebook page.

Just so you can get an idea on how it looks and sounds, I created a Rhythm Lab Radio DragonTape. Check it out below and then go make your own and post the link to it in the comments section below.