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Technically Yours, Wisconsin Native, Google Exec Marissa Mayer Takes Over As CEO for Yahoo

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Are you aware that the #20 employee of Google is a Wisconsin native? Did you also know that this native was also named one of 50 of the world's most powerful women in business last year, and she is under the age 40?  Who is this woman?

Her name is Marissa Mayer, and she is about to take over one of the pioneering companies of internet search as CEO.  Announced today, Marissa Mayer will take over Yahoo as it's new CEO, and is now in the running as the most powerful woman in tech. Currently, Mayer is the VP of location and search of Google will be stepping down at Google to take over the struggling, and once dominate search company Yahoo. Did I mention, she is only 37 years old.  Marissa Mayer grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin and graduated from  from Wausau West High School in 1993 and later Stanford.  She became Google's first female engineer.

We wish her the best at her new job as CEO of Yahoo. You can read the press release here.