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Technically Yours, Two Milwaukee Brothers Capture The Art Of Sleevefacing With An iPhone App

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Have you heard of Sleaveface? According to Wikipedia, Sleeveface is an internet phenomenon wherein one or more persons obscure or augment body parts with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion.  There is even a blog dedicated to the art of Sleavefacing. To create this, illusion one needs to be clever with a camera, until now.

Two Milwaukee developers have created an iPhone app called Sleevefacer to make the process of creating a Sleeveface much easier. The local developers are two brothers by the name of Tony and Mark Dovi.  The two brothers created sleevfaces when they were kids by raiding through their parents' record collection. The two brothers even created their own blog called Sleevefaced where they collected all types of interesting Sleevefaces.

Their Sleevefacer app takes the concept of Sleevefacing and puts it in the palm of your hand.   With the app, you can search your iPod library, iTunes Store "Top 25", or your own photo library to find that 'perfect' album to use for a sleeveface.  Once you have selected the album cover, then you can adjust the album image by rotating, moving or resizing it in the camera view to create the sleeveface.  When you get the right pose for your sleeveface snap the picture. You can also share your finished 'artwork' via email or social networks like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.

The two brothers have been selling their app all over the world including countries like Brazil, Germany, and Turkey. It is a fun a little to give a try, and plus it support two local developers. 


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