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Technically Yours, Spotmeup Helps Milwaukee Artists Get Your Music On Spotify For Free

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The music streaming service Spotify is growing bigger every day. Recently, Spotify added an app store, which features apps from publishers like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Currently, Spotify has around 2.5 million paid subscribers.  With a great social integration with Facebook, Spotify is great way to share your favorite songs with your friends.

However, how does an indie artist get their music on Spotify?  There are sites such as CD Baby, and Tunecore that can help, but it will cost you some cash.  There is now a site that can get your music on Spotify for free. Yes you heard right, FREE!!!  The name of the site is called Spotmeup.  Spotmeup makes it very easy for any artist to submit music to place into the Spotify Library.  However, not every song gets into Spotify.  Spotmeup has a screening process that can take anywhere from 7 day to 4 weeks.  Spotmeup requires any music that is submitted be of studio quality.  So poorly recorded live sessions in your bedroom probably won't make the cut.  

Once your music is approved and added to the Spotify catalog, you can share it and promote it to your fans. However, you won't make any money when someone streams the songs, but you could potentially make some money from downloading once Spotify activates that feature in the near future. You also keep 100% of your rights.  If you know more about how Spotmeup works, check out their FAQ page.  Then go sign up at their website.  Just a reminder don't think of Spotify as a revenue stream, but a marketing channel for your music to reach more ears.  

If you are a Milwaukee artist and you get your music on Spotify, post the Spotify link in the comments section below. We would love to get a list of Milwaukee artists on Spotify and share with our listeners.