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Technically Yours, New Startup Aims To Be The Kickstarter for Public & Community Projects

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When I first wrote about the crowd-funding site Kickstarter a few years ago, no one could predict the success it has become.  Several projects including an album by Amanda Palmer have raised over a million dollars.  Some had said the Kickstarter will distribute more money to creative projects than the National Endowment for The Arts

What if you took the same concept behind Kickstarter and applies to public and community projects such as green spaces, or community centers?  Would it work? Well, one new startup called Spacehive aims to prove such a concept would work.  Spacehive is based in London and it has created a platform to make it easy for anyone in their community to propose a public works project and have it funded similar to Kickstarter.  It is a very interesting concept and I wonder how it works with the bureaucracy of local government. It also proves interesting that such a projects could help offset budget cuts to public works projects, which are happening everywhere in this country including Milwaukee.

There are several successfully funded public works project on Spacehive including a Community center in Glyncoch, Wales. The project raised 792,046 pounds or $1.2 million. You can check out other on-going projects here and learn how it works here

What do think of the idea?  Would something like this work in Milwaukee? If so, what kind of project would you propose to be crowd-funded?