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Technically Yours, New Milwaukee Startup Tappr Aims To Make It Easier To Get A Drink

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If you haven't heard, Esquire Magazine picked Milwaukee as Bar City of The Year.  So this new startup fits right at home.  The name of the startup is called Tappr, and its goal is to make it easier to get a drink in crowded and popular watering holes by using your smart phone.  

Tappr is currently still in private beta or alpha (I'm not sure, I get confused). However, I had a chance to play with the app at a little party the startup hosted at MiKE in Grand Avenue mall this past weekend.  

When I got to the event, I had to give my phone to the crew at Tappr to install the app so we can test it. What better way to test this type of app than to use real liquor?  Once I got the app on my phone, I opened the Tappr application and it gave me a screen with a list of bars (there were only two locations for testing only).  After I selected the bar location, I got a menu of drinks to choose from. The menu also displayed prices.  The first drink I picked was a rum & coke. After I selected my drink,  the app gave me an option to add a tip. Then I touch the "Order Drink" button.  

The order was sent to an iPad at the mock bar, where the bartender gets the notification of my order. The app lets me know when my drink is in the process of being made and when it is ready to pick up at the bar. It was pretty cool.  Check out some of the screenshots below of the ordering process.

The process work pretty well.  Something I would like to see would be the ability to securely add payment information, so you don't have to worry about waiting in line to pay at the bar. I also it would be nice to add a custom drink as well.  Of course this app will work best in a crowded bar.  I can't wait to see how this works in a real world situation.  However, you can see the app in play at Common Pitch Milwaukee on June 7 at Turner Hall Ballroom.  

What do you think of the idea?