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Technically Yours, Love They Might Be Giants? There Is An App For That!

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We live in an app world.  There are apps for everything.  Now bands are getting into the app business.  Several bands have released apps for iPhone and Android smartphones including The Rolling Stones, Blur, Nine Inch Nails, and Bjork.  Most recently, They Might Be Giants released a new app for the iPhone. 

The free app features a different song every day, connects to They Might Be Giants social media networks and mp3 club, and more.

The app holds five of the freshest posted tracks at all times, and all are directly linked to iTunes. It also connects you directly to TMBGs social media and free MP3 club. From Don’t Let’s Start to Nanobots the app even includes brand new tracks, GRAMMY-winning kids music and TMBGs beloved television themes.

Don't forget to catch They Might Be Giants perform at Turner Hall Ballroom on May 31.