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Technically Yours, Foursquare and Facebook Tracks Votes In Realtime (Sort Of)

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Can't wait for the results for this year's election? Well,  Foursquare and Facebook are tracking votes in realtime today.  

Facebook created an interactive map, which tracks the number of votes.  The map works by tracking people on Facebook, who clicked an Election Day prompt to share withe their friends that they're voting in the 2012 Election.  The map shows blips of voting activity on a map, which one can zoom in on their particular state and get more details.  The map also breaks down votes by gender and age demographics.  You can check it out here. Here is a breakdown of Wiscosin votes by demographics.

Foursquare also created an interacitve map based on checkins at polling locations.  You can view here. Below is an embedded version of the map.



It would be interesting to see how these numbers from Foursquare and Facebook matches up to the actual voting numbers and demographics.  Can social media be a guage for election results?  Let us know what you think.  Also did you share your voting activities on social media?