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Technically Yours, Bandcamp Gets More Social With Fan Pages

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Bandcamp has become one of the largest online distributors of music in a very short time (at least it seems that way). We even have an award for Best Bandcamp release for the RadioMilwaukee Music Awards.  The service has made it very easy for anyone to release music, sell music, and promote music.  Back in November, Bandcamp reported that they paid out  $1.7 million to artists in the past 30 days. That is nothing to sneeze at, and I can definitely see that expanding in 2013. 

Now Bandcamp has launched a new service that could potentially expand its reach even further. Bandcamp have created fan pages.  It is a new social layer that allows music fans, who download and purchase music on Bandcamp to create collections of their favorite artists and releases. Not only that, one can follow artists and keep up to date with any new releases from that artist. You can also follow other music fans or friends who have pages.  

"Every fan gets a dedicated collection page where they can show off the music that they’ve purchased via Bandcamp (here’s a particularly excellent example ;) ). Fans can pick their favorite tracks, write a few words about why they like each record, customize the look and layout of their collection, and share the whole thing with other fans, who can then play through and purchase the music themselves. In short, collection pages turn every fan into a promoter of the artists they love. They’re beautiful, work great on mobile, and in the short time they’ve been in limited beta have already driven thousands of new sales to artists."

What do you think of the fan pages? Do you think it could help artists out even more?  Will you create a fan page?  While you are thinking about those questions, check out my page. You can create a fan page over at http://bandcamp.com/fans.