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Technically Yours, Artists With BandPages On Facebook Might Have Between $10 & $50,000 Coming To You

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Now that Facebook is becoming the social network of choice, musicians setting up Facebook pages. More and more developers are creating Facebook tools and apps to help musicians sell and promote their music.  Bandpage, created by RootMusic, is one of the fastest growing music apps for musicians.  If you are not familiar with BandPage, it is basically an app that creates a page similar to an artist MySpace page, but with more features. 

So what does this have to with an artist getting money?  RootMusic has partnered with the performance rights nonprofit SoundExchange to let artists, who uses the BandCamp app, know they might be eligible to collect royalties for their music. RootMusic sent a list of over 7,000 artists that are owed between $10 and $50,000 in royalties to SoundExchange. 50% of the artists on the list are owed over $50. You can view the list to see if you are on it and find out how to claim your money here.

If you are an artist and not registered with SoundExchange, I highly reccommend it even it is a few bucks (better than nothing).  For example, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee reports to SoundExchange, and that report contains  a lot of Milwaukee artists that we play. For more information on registering with SoundExchange, just visit their site.  (via Hypebot)

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