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Milwaukee's Canopies Are Today's Featured Artists On Groupon Site For Bands

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I have been checking out this site called GroopEase, which is a Groupon for artists and bands. The purpose of GroopEase is to make it easy to discover new music and artists and give one the ability to purchase their albums a discounted prices. GroopEase works very similar to Groupon, in that each day GroopEase features a new artist or band that includes reviews, bios, videos, and music. If you dig the music from the band, GroopEase gives you a set amount of time to purchase the deeply discounted album. GroopEase even offers one free download from each band.

Once you sign up for GroupEase, you will get a daily email of the current band and the album deal, just like Groupon. GroopEase select the bands based on submissions and suggestions and they also have an internal staff that scours the internet for new music.

The reason I’m writing about this site is because of today’s featured band. It is the Milwaukee band Canopies, who we featured on today’s New Music Wednesday. Ironic, isn’t it? I have to say Canopies to EP might be my favorite local release of the year so far. The folks at GroopEase wrote a very nice review of their EP. Here is an excerpt:

“Every song has its own identifiable personality, and I'll be damned if anyone could point out one weak measure, let alone one weak note throughout the album's entirety.  "Strangers Glare" features some very respectable guitar work, in addition to all of the intricate textures.  The group even picks up a few woodwinds for nothing more than a chaotic, "Kid A"-style resolve.  The final song, "Summer Amnesia" evolves from what sounds like an old A.M. radio, tuning into some sort of vintage newscast.  The bass and drums from the club next door, via filter effect, come creeping in, and the song is sent back into the 21st century.  Canopies makes stellar music, and while I rep this, eagerly anticipating a full-length, it's shocking to me that you're only hearing of them now... though, I suppose that's kind of nice.”

You can purchase their EP, which is normally $5, for only $2. You have only two days left to get at the price and portions of the sales support the charity Empower Nepali Girls.