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Hey Milwaukee Bands & Artists Get Your Own iPhone App On The Cheap With BandApp

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Hey Milwaukee artists or bands, how would like to have your own iPhone app featuring your music, videos, tour dates, band news, and more? Normally to have an app like that could be very expensive until now.  Introducing BandApp, an instant mobile app creator for bands, musicians and artists. Think of it as a mobile replacement for MySpace. Instead of paying a huge amount of money for an app, which might cost extra to update, you pay a one-time setup fee of around $30, plus around $11/month (minimum of 12 months) or about $120/year to create custom iPhone app for your band.  That is an amazing deal.  

Use the BandApp builder to build and customise your BandApp. Change the look and feel, change the colour scheme, add jingles, videos, photos, tour dates and music. Upload all your content and instantly publish it live to all your fans phones.....Its as easy as that!You can update your BandApp at anytime by logging into MyBandApp, to instantly add new content, new tour dates etc.

You can also view essential stats about your BandApp using MyDashboard. Check on your fan base, see who's buying what track and where. Find out how many BandApps have been downloaded and how much you've earned. Powerful stuff and only available on BandApp.

BandApp will eventually allow a band to sell their music via the iTunes store or their own BandApp store, which will be included free with your monthly or yearly subscription.

Don't worry, BandApp are currently working on Android and Blackberry versions. Check it out.