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Swell Season

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Newest of the new in rotation at the station features the work of an artist ambiguously called Swell Session. Aka Andreas Saag, he's from Gotenburg, Norway and used to use the name Stateless for his releases. Releases that those in the know have been waiting for for years now and now we know what took so long. Swell Communications, the album he's been working at for four years now is an odyssey of collaborative work revealig a broed range of influences. From the Neo-Soul of Domu, to Dancehall of Earl Zero, to dance Jazz of Mr. Scruff or the hip hop of LyricL, Saag has range to his tastes and with friends like his, he does little wrong.

If you think it's all about the music, then you're only half-right. With a lineup of collaborators like his, it's also about the journey...so I was happy when I checked and found that there is a video that documents his journey and in particular, his work with Mr. Scruff for the cut we're playing currently, "No No." Check it.