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Sound Travels...Globelectro

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I know that you all ain't fools, so the idea that world music is exceptionally rudimentary or primitive, probably ain't your assumption. And if it were, today's Sound Travels ought dispell your illusion. The world has gone digital indeed. And that's not referring simply to techniques to record, it also means techniques for making music. So enjoy, today's set-- whose emphasis is on the most modern global music; sophistocated, sly and good. Many of these releases are pretty new and recommended.

As ever, feel free to tune in here for the complete show...

Sound Travels: Globelectro! - October 24th, 2008


1. Eccodek : " When The Bird Calls" - ShivaBoom - On his new global fusion opus, “Shivaboom” (eccodek’s third CD), Canadian sound scientist Andrew McPherson joins a rarefied ranks of musical alchemists, inviting world-class vocalists and players from Mali, India and Turkey to roam freely through his lush sonic panoramas of deep bass, wide grooves and soaring melodies. On stage, the 6-piece band is joined by Juno-winning Indian vocalist Kiran Ahluwalia,

2. Collectivo Estereo : "Huele Bien (blit mix)" - IJNIAA!

3. Cidadao Instigado : "O Pobre Dos Dentes" - What's Happening In Pernambuco?  For anyone familiar with Brazilian music, 'hybrid' is as crucial an adjective as 'infectious.' After all, Brazilians have been the quintessential postmodern musicians unearthing, exploring (even eating!) eccentric sounds both local and global. The tracks on this album are cosmopolitan and cutting edge, and along with their electronic sophistication, they also hint at some primordial flare, a pumping vein straight out of the Brazilian northeast city of Recife in the Northeast state of Pernambuco. They even have a video describing how this music came to be, very interesting...


4. Nortec Collective Presents Bostich + Fussible : "Nortena Del Sur" - Tijuana Sound Machine ... A Part of the new sound of Latin music, Tijuana's Nortec Collective is a Grammy-nominated collective bringing together traditional Mexican, electronica and dance music. A joint effort from Nortec Collective's Bostich and Fussible recently generated a fine new collection titled Tijuana Sound Machine. Stemming from the words "norteno" and "techno," Nortec was born from the Baja-based group's fusion of traditional Mexican music and electronica. The duo's new project focuses on the norteno side, allowing acoustic instrumentation to take the lead, but not to the detriment of highly danceable rhythms

5. Sidestepper : "Deja (Richard Blair Remix)" - Buena Vibra Sound System ...Buena Vibra Sound System celebrates ten years of the Sidestepper phenomenon. During that time Sidestepper's shows have become legendary - whether as a full-on live band or going out as as the Buena Vibra Sound System. In the process, Sidestepper has helped to transform the Colombian music scene, inspiring a generation of young beat scientists to marry Latin music with cutting-edge beats.


6. Cheb I Sabbah : "Alkher Illa Doffor (The Nectar Remix)" - La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed... For his 2005 release, La Kahena, Algerian born Cheb i Sabbah returned to his North African roots. Collaborating with a wide variety of North African female singers, Sabbah created contemporary folklore, rich with the authenticity of trance ceremonies filtered through the magic of his trademark production skills. La Kahena garnered both criticdal acclaimed worldwide and retail success, reaching #6 on the Billboard World Charts. Now, the morphing and mixing continues as Sabbah has personally selected a team of eleven remixers to further evolve and transform the music on La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed, a landmark in today's electronica movement.

7. Badawi Quintet : "Knife The Etherics" - Unit Of Resistance... omposer, Musician, DJ and producer Raz Mesinai was born in Jerusalem in 1973 and was raised primarily in New York City.

Mesinai’s music is a unique hybrid of dance music and avant garde composition. He draws his influences from fiction, mythology, anarchist philosophy, as well as elements of alchemy and mysticism.At the age of ten Mesinai began producing instrumental “breaks” for breakers and rappers in the early eighties. Due to frequent visits between New York City and the Middle East Mesinai developed a knowledge of both Sufi, Jewish, Algerian, Morroccon and Persian musical traditions. This combined with his self taught compositional style and his skills as an engineer and dub alchemist Mesinai developed his incomparable sound.

8. DJ Dolores : "Cala Cala" - 1 Real ... More great music from Brazil's Northeastern cultural melting pot Recife...

Imagine you find yourself in the seaside Brazilian neighborhood of Brasilia Teimosa where DJ Dolores is hosting a gigantic, raucous block party. The crowd is a mix of Brazilian youth, rastas, hippie tourists and some funky fishermen. Amongst this crazy mix of humans and street noise, DJ Dolores drops a sound explosion of tracks from his latest release, "1 Real" and the crowd is grooving to its frenetic blend of horns, violin, samples and call and response vocals. You are swept into the fray and chaos of life -- these people might be poor but they really know how to enjoy life! Dolores is in full control at the decks, dropping bomb after bomb of rhythm and sound from "1 Real" a meltdown of Brazilian popular music with a booming beat, funky horns, organ and call and response vocals. The party is on! --John Tripp

9. Otto : "Dagmar Nao Tava Nao" - Nublu Sound... More sonic goodness from the Nublu club that hosts a different RadioMilwaukee favorite, The Brazilian Girls. Here we see some of their recent work as a recording venture. This cut is from another Brazilian from Pernambuco, Otto, whose rural upbringing in the north-eastern region of Pernambuco exposed him to myriad folk musics and rhythms. Fresh and modern, his treatment of music iparts simplicty and subtlety, nicely.