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Sound Travels...episode 1

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Sound Travels... and here you'll find the echoes. Today, of course was the first installment of what I hope will become a staple for you all. And the first week was all about Jamaica, and I was happy to play a selection of songs I thoroughly enjoy and this blog post is intended to give you all some details about what you all heard in this week on Sound Travels.

This week's episode is an exploration of how global reggae has become. Like hip hop, reggae is a global style and the proof is evident; artists like Chief Checker, Uncle Sam and Nosliw demonstarte the point here on Sound Travels...

Chief Checker "Ire Africa" - From an album chock-full of the '70's sounds from Nigeria, comes a curious cut that is reggae to the bone. And a carbon date on this song might reveal it to be one of the earliest examples of Africans working reggae into their own cultural idiom while keeping it irie.

Uncle Sam "Round The World Girls(Tes La Rok Mix)" - My favorite song from the first half of the summer, a stunner that features the sing-jay style of singing in patois of Jamaica. It's Uncle Sam, a Jamaican at work in the UK, here bringing that distinctive flavor to this hot slice of dubstep.  Dubstep, which has its roots in the dub styles brought to the UK by Jamaicans. As a part of the British Commonwealth, Jamaicans are a big part the musical culture there and infiltrate its every level, especially in dubstep, an electronic style that borrows equally from Drum & Bass as well as Dub music. The Steppa's Delight compilation I found this cut on, is an excellent introduction to the genre.

Nosliw, Mono & Nikitaman with Nattyflo and Maxim "Komm Zu Uns" - The last cut of the set is a collaborative meltdown of roots & culture from Germany of all places. Perhaps not the first place one would think of with reggae music, but the scene is definitely there and decidedly hot. A quality tune led by Nosliw, a former hip hop MC, and a remarkable vocal talent who has rededicated his skills to chat rather than rap. The song is a part of the iLove Rhythm Selection, a riddim created by Nosliw's label mate Teka that is currently rocking soundsystems worldwide.  "Komm Zu Uns"  is on the b-side of a '45 with Natural Black's "Be Careful of Your Enemies" and was the last cut of my first set of Sound Travels.

And I hope you enjoyed the set. If you missed it at its regular time at Noon, you can listen to it here.

Sound Travels #1 - July 11th


If you have any music or ideas for future trips on Sound Travels, hit me up, drop me a line with a story about how you heard about the music and why you like it. Be Heard!