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Sound Travels Wednesday...Call & Response

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Sound Travels Wednesday Funk!


A beautiful day to play with some funk I think. The theme of the week is "Call & Response" and I am playing with the wording here to frame up some music from Africa, and by diasporic extension, the Americas. On Monday I sandwiched the desert vibes of Malian blues players with some old-school American roots: the blues. Today, the interplay of nations continues, though the trend that I am following is that of Africans on the move. Be it by travel I say; by

bondage or from a course that is free, my theme today is super funky. Brazilian funk from Gilberto Gil and Tim Maia get the set going. Gil, the current Minister of Culture for Brazil in Lula's government has this surprising arrangement on what is a classic tune, samba funky. And Maia is a favorite of mine, smooth voiced delivery and a flair for homor are endearing aspects of his game, as is deep funk familiarity as shown by this one here.

Tony Bizarro kills it with "Vida," but is here in my mind to facilitate the Edwin Birdsong tune that inspired many admirers, including Daft Punk and Kanye. And the song I have been dying to play, Guy Cevas' super-tropical master funk from the recommended Funky Nassau - The Compass Point Story. A killer! West coast legend Bernard Wright came to play, and the cut I grabbed is from an album full of under-apprecited 80's funk.

Casiano, who if I remember correctly(not a given), was Cuban, but recorded in Brazil...not sure though, interesting...and very funky. Lakeside closes the set with Fred Fisher in tow, Fisher is a new find for me and I think exceptional, his band is almost straight ahead Nigerian HiLife, except for the pace they play at, which is slower, and funkier.

Hard to define as a term but "funk"-tional inany number of funky situations of Paliament/Funkadelic proportions, funk is actually African in origin, meaning literally, the smell of old people. "Old People" meaning, those who have nothing left to prove. Proud music, proud people.


Gilberto Gil “Mane Joao” Erasmo Carlos Convida

Tim Maia “Alem do Horizonte” Erasmo Carlos Convida

Tony Bizarro “Vida” Brazilian Black Music

Edwin Birdsong “Cola Bottle Baby” Discovered! As Sampled

Guy Cuevas “Obsession” Funky Nassau  -The Compass Point Story

Bernard Wright “Master Rocker”

Casiano “Central do Brasil”

Lakeside “All The Way Live” Ultimate Collection

Fred Fisher Atalabhor & His Ogiza Dance Band “W.T.F.S.” African Carnival