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Sound Travels Wednesday: International Mini Mix - Cinco De Mayo

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Every week on Sound Travels, we'll take a mid-week break to break the program with a wild and short mix of music. Perfect for the storm of celebration that Cinco de Mayo already is. Much Like St Paddy's Day, the fifth of May is a day of Dionysian revelry where the details get blurry and the songs are good when recognizable, even if everything else is not. Here's that mix, for the party that does not stop.

Sound Travels Cinco De Mayo Mix



Perez Prado "La Cucaracha"

Mariachi Arriba Juarez "El Jarabe Tapatillo"

Trini Lopez "Guantanamera"

Monna Bell y Aldemaro Romero "La Bamba"

Lila Downs "Black magic Woman feat Raul Midon"

Bostich & Fussible "Tngo La Voz"