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Sound Travels Monday: Paris, Panama and Pernambuco with a touch of Zydeco

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soundtravels_logoThere was a time long ago when the allure of the accordion meant nothing to me, it was simply too vintage and I was too simple to see what I now know-- that accordions rock(and definitely can swing too). It started with the hipster sounds of the Paris Cafe, whose sound is strongly connected to the accordion. A fine example of Old World use of the instrument, and our start today--the late great Gus Viseur and hipsters Les Primitifs du Futur with some authentic sounds fit for la rue. Backed it up with a Garifuna gem, a Belizan artist Mr. Peters Boom & Chime has a unique sound, creole to the core, a sort of afro-euro-folk music. Speaking of which, that pretty much describes zydeco so the flow goes north to Louisiana, for a stomper from Beausoleil.

From here we head south to the other America, to Brazil's  backlands, the Northeast province of Pernambuco. Toinho De Algaras has a pair of jams as we flow into the sound of a style called forró, which is both dance and genre of music from the area. About Toinho, I know little, though I do know that Cabruera is a good find, a band that adds just the right dimension of the electronic in their style, it makes their music unique and yet still work in a set of more traditional artists. And traditional is where we stop today, a touch more zydeco; Rockin' Dupree with his "Old Time Zydeco."If you missed it, then here it is again...

Sound Travels Monday : Paris, Panama, Pernambuco and some Zydeco


Tracklisting & Media:

1. Gus Viseur : "Jeanette"


2. Les Primitifs du Futur : "Mada"


3. Mr. Peters Boom & Chime : "Bhine Mi Bak Deh Taak"

4. Mike Doucet & Beausoleil : "Zydeco Gris gris"

5. Toinho De Algaras : "Bicho Da Cara Preto" / "Caráter Duro"

6. Cabruêra : "Erectuos Cactus"


7. Rockin' Dupree : "Old Time Zydeco"