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Sound Travels Friday...Warrior Women

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soundtravels_logo1So we round the corners again and complete the week's circle here on Sound Travels. Another set of music from women around the world, and as I've done the entire week, brought some very different artists into our base of knowing. The focus on music made by women is a tribute to the fact that March is Women's History Month, And while I can't claim to know, I can with music play a bit of what has inspired me. Monday, we went old-school and dug some roots of what turned towards the heart on Wednesday's spirit-centered set and stoked the fires of these flames we felt today. Hot, scorching vocals from strong warrior women was the sound of the day, and a pleasure to play a very up-beat set in this vein. So, if you missed it...here is the sound to the words I'm saying...

Sound Travels Friday: Women Worldwide


And the details...

1. Sister Nancy : "Bam Bam" One, Two (Jamaica)...Absolutely crucial Sister who really claims to be the first female MC, or as she puts it "first female deejay with degree." And though that point is debatable, she certainly isn't shy, always comes across with a dignified classic sound, her mic work is certainly some of the best from Jamaica at that time. This cut is her most anthemic, recognizable and perfect, for the start to this set of powerful warrior women to begin.

2. Lexie Lee : "Slow Down" Di Preparation(UK)... this sister is continuing the tradition that Sister Nancy helped pioneer with others like Lady Saw, inspiring a new vanguard of tough dancehall ladies like Cecile, Warrior Queen, Terry Lynn and here Lexie Lee continues. Di Preparation marks The New Era of Dancehall. Not one to be boxed into a corner, Lexie's style is uniquely inimitable. Her brand of edgy spitfire lyrics and girlish charm can only be described as a mashup of her international upbringing. Add Lexie's Jamaican-Reggae roots, some US-Hip Hop flavor, and infuse it with a bit of European electronica and you have some raw business.

3. DJ Zhao: Mahotella Queens / Iron Soul : "Amuzumela / Slo Moshun"...slow down is what we did here with my dj of the week, DJ Zhao who treats the Mahotella Queens, superstars in their native South Africa to a dubstep safari...soaring harmonies into a dark night sky, church of the Earth isht here, gets me mellow. FYI, if you check my last post, you can score the latest mix from my man Zhao on free download. Be sure to explore his absolutely choice blogspot, Different Waters. This is from his mix Fusion 2.

4. Buraka Som Sistema feat. MIA & Saboroza : "Sound Of Kuduro"...Buraka is the base for this amazing collaboration, but it's what MIA has been doing for the entire genre of Kuduro that is amazing. Here she lends a yell and a shout to support this amazing new sound coming from the slums of Angola in Southern Africa, hits the mic with another female warrioress, MC Saboroza...pure flame!


5. Terry Lynn : "IMF"...another rising star in modern Jamaican music, Terryis an uncompromisingly political woman whose style is neither ragamuffin nor diva, she's raw as hell and pulls no punches to her commitment and vision. I hear strength in this fire and a Real compassion, though some may feel the burn. Born in the Gully, she hooked at Waterhouse up with the legendary Prince Jammy to get in the game, let's hope her flame's not so bright that she gets burned or spurned for telling it like it is. This cut is damnation 'pon the International Monetary Fund...listen! And watch this smart juxtaposition of slaughterhouse images and slaughterhouse facts...


6. Bajofondo & La Mala Rodriguez : "Al Andean"...Bajofondo is a South American music band consisting of eight musicians from Argentina and Uruguay. And here they are working with the extremely talented Mala,a hip hop artist who hails from Sevilla Spain. Her songs are greatly influenced by flamenco music and in this case tango nuevo from Argentina's Bajofondo. Some of her lyrics talk about the problems of the outcasts of society and women. Crucial!


7. Delores Vargas : "La Hawianna"...Gypsy funky, soulful tribute from another Spanish singer, Delores is nice at the end of today's ST.

Have inspiration, ideas about where we should Travel? Hit me up here, and tune in next week as we explore the sound