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Sound Travels Friday...El Salvador

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Sound Travels Friday: Cumbias Del Salvador


Wow...what a fun set today eh? Straight from El Salvador, some serious cumbia! Reminding me of a plan I hatched to start DJ-ing this sort of stuff when I DJ out and about... but that's another story. The Sound Travels that you heard today was fun, a quick trip through some crucial material that you'd need to dig deep to get at. The proof for me was in this email I received afterwards...

Marcus what a great set! Man that threw me back in time! My mom is from in el Salvador and when I was kid she would be jamming hits like those you just played whenever she was cooking or when we would have her side of the fam over she would always be jamming hits like those! I got to get home to kick it with my mom to hear some of those hot el Salvadoran beats! Big up!


Thanks, Jose...I hope that you as well as anyone who dug these Salvadorean sounds, comes down to Stone Creek in Bay View this week to check it out live. Show starts at 6pm and is the perfect accompaniment to a Fair Trade coffee tasting where we'll sample what else but some conscious, heady coffee from El Salvador. Stay tuned for Monday and Wednesday's Sound Travels as I continue to explore music from coffee growing regions in El Salvador and the rest of Central America. Here is what you heard...



1. Tremor: "Viajante"

2. Caballeros Con Discuento: "Tu Frances"

3. Hermanos Flores: "Violencia"

4. Grupo Coco: "Salvador Del Mundo"

5. La Raza Band: "Dime"

6. King Coya: "Petrona Martinez ft. PG-13"

7. Hermanos Flores: "Arriba El Salvador"

8. Fuerza Band: "Baila Con Fuerzo"