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Sound Travels Friday... Fim do Fado

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soundtravels_logo1Here we find ourselves on another Friday afternoon and an end to this week's Sound Travels theme of Portuguese fado. This time, I'll spare you the history lesson and hit you with the session. A lot of male voices in the set as I swung the spectrum of fado along gender lines this week. Started with the maestra Amalia Rodrigues' "Fado Meior" at the start, which makes sense since she has been such an inspiration for fadistas for decades. Marcineiro's "O Lenço," a nice cut from this singer who passed away in the early 80's, and who gets the nod for the set today.

From here we go towards Brazil for a slightly different song, one of my favorite fados from Chico Buarque, "Fado Tropical." A song that would be banned when it was released because of the tendency Buarque had towards criticizing Portugal's fascist regime in power at the time.  From here, Seu Jorge's beautiful "Tive Razao" makes sense, as the Brazilian trips up a fado himself on a trip to Lisbon. And the set ends today with an unknown for me, I know that 'Max' was one of the greats, i am not sure however who he really is...other than simply perfect here at the end of today's Sound Travels. If you missed the show, here you go...

Sound Travels Friday : Fado



1. Amalia Rodriguez : "Fado Meior"

2. Marcineiro: "O Lenço"

3. Chico Buarque : "Fado Tropical"


4. Seu Jorge : "Tìve Razão"


5.  Max : "Rosinha do Limoes"