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Sound Travels ...Echoes the Long Song

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soundtravels_logoSound Travels this week has been less about the mix and more about the jam. The promise of the week was that I would play only three songs for you; when I would on average, squeeze like 24-40. This then, would be a decompression by way of extension... but to find the songs that you really want to go on and on...

Oh but I did. On Monday I played one of my most prized posessions. One of those records that I really do love from a West African group, Sunsum Band, out of Ghana and featuring the guitar work of the legendary Smart Nkansa who had also done work with another crucial band, called Sweet Talks. This is what we got into on Monday...

Sound Travels Monday Sunsum Band "Mensee Madwen" Oba(Love)


Wednesday's ST featured work from another West African group and another prized piece of vinyl, this time from the tiny nation of Benin. On an album that was recorded in Nigeria by a group known simply as The Talents Of Benin. Awesome funk that never grows stale--pure funk satisfaction. Check it...

Sound Travels Wednesday The Talents of Benin "Ovbiokhokho"


Friday was more jumbo-sized funk... this time from Elah Elvis & His Super Negro Bantous, again from a rare piece of wax, excellent tune, hear it again...Sound Travels Friday


And that leaves us here on a sunday night with perhaps the question being whether I Imight not just rock one for an hour... Well no, I don't really thing that's necessary but I do have a hot hour of crucial West African funk, HiLife, Soukous and Afrobeat from a whole host of cats that I am sure you don't know and I would love to have the pleasure of introducing to you. This is the mix...

Sound Travels Sunday AfroLife HighBeat Mix



Duo N’Gola “Mona Kilumba”

Conjuto OS Tropicais “Gienda” So Merengue Vol. 2

Elias De Kimuezo “Samba”

Conjuto Os Tropicais “N’Gui Banza Mama” So Merengue Vol. 2


King Sunny Ade “Synchro System(reprise)”

Esau Mwamwaya “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” The Very Best Mixtape

Ousmane Kouyate “N’Ny” Revelation ‘82

Pepe Kalle & Nyboma “Zouke-Zouke” Empire Bakuba

Amade Cyrille & Les Volcans De La Capitale “Ekpo Do Ye Si” Aye! Mon Couer

Jimmy Moni Mambo & Orchestra Shika-Skika “Amba Pt. 1”


Olufemi Ajasa & His New Nigerian Brothers “Aiye Le”

Fred Fisher Atalabhor & His Ogiza Dance Band “Ebi Lolo” African Carnival

Femi Kuti “African Unity A Must ” No Cause For Alarm

Peter Mwambi, Charles Mutiso & Kyanganga Boys “Mwenyenyo”

African Connection “Tiembelema”